Project management classic and agile

How to optimize your target achievement as a project manager

As a business coach and consultant I support you to optimize your goal achievement without having to have sleepless nights
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My professional career has taken me from the financial sector to the automotive, pharmaceutical and aviation industries. Project management has always been the bridge that enables customer satisfaction in different roles and team sizes, regardless of the industry.

Since 2016 as an independent consultant, trainer and coach - I accompany teams in project work. The focus is always on the people, because they are the ones who implement the projects. We use methods, processes & tools as tools to master any challenges.

Benefit from my many years of project management and professional experience, which I as a successful management consultant professionally and competently [...]

Project management,
classic and agile.

Project management can be classic or agile. Classic project management is structured and sequential, with clear phases and a focus on detailed planning, resource allocation, and adherence to schedules and budgets. It is suitable for projects with clear requirements and emphasizes the control of risks.

Agile project management, on the other hand, is flexible, iterative, and emphasizes collaboration, adaptability, and continuous delivery of functional products. It enables rapid response to change and improves project success through early customer feedback. Both approaches have advantages and disadvantages and can be used successfully depending on the project requirements.
Steps / Process

3 short steps

Needs assessment
Intensive communication and clear alignment of goals, scope, schedule, and resources create a solid foundation for project success.
Our proposal preparation is based on a careful analysis of your requirements and delivers customized solutions that meet your needs.
Project management: nextlevel
Our project management approach enables effective planning, coordination and implementation of your projects to successfully achieve your goals on time.

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